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See why we are one of the top-rated home inspection companies in the Huntsville / Madison area. We're proud of our reputation and the number of our customers that have referred us to family and friends!

We made the mistake of going with someone else to do our inspection and didn't get what we expected done (inspector didn’t fully inspect the home due to gas not being on - home has a 2 gas furnace's and gas water tank). When we asked the previous inspector to return since us we're able to turn on the gas, he insisted that he couldn't due to his schedule and other personal reasons but he gladly took our check for the full amount. We called Matt and he not only came over to complete the other's guy’s work but informed us of some issues unnoticed by the previous guy. Matt gave us referrals to other specialist and offered to review the previous inspector’s package. Overall, Matt is a great guy with excellent customer service and would highly refer him to others.

As a military family recently reassigned to Huntsville in search of a home which we will likely resell in 3 years or less, we were focused on finding a highly-qualified inspector who would identify deficiencies for the seller to address prior to our commitment to this significant investment. Not only was Matt's inspection extremely thorough and timely, he gave us a great military discount as well. As a certified radon inspector, Matt also conducted our radon test. We feel much more comfortable about purchasing our home thanks in large part to Matt's due diligence and scrutiny - he addressed all of our concerns and answered all of our questions. We would highly recommend him for home inspections and radon tests. Thanks, Matt!!

Matt did a very thorough inspection. I walked around with him the whole time and he explained everything in great detail. This is my first home purchase after 22 years in the AF. Matt found the usual small things wrong with the house and explained what could happen over time. Very pleased with the results of the inspection and the time Matt took to inspect the whole house. Inspection took a couple hours to complete. Glad I had it done. Feel much better about what my wife and I are buying now. Great Job Matt!! Thank you!

Did a good job on the inspection (as far as I can tell, not knowing anything about home construction). Appeared to be thorough, found several minor issues to be fixed. Would recommend.

We highly recommend Matt England. My husband and I recently closed on our house in Huntsville. Between the two of us, we have purchased 10 homes throughout our lives and Matt has been hands down the best home inspection either of us has ever had. His detailed report left nothing out and he was a pleasure to work with. His military discount was much appreciated.

We are relocating to the area from New York and have had Matt inspect two homes under contract. Matt is thorough, detailed, extremely knowledgeable and patient (with many questions from the buyer). He gave us great inspections in both cases. As a result of his inspection, we avoided a potential money pit on the first one! I highly recommend him for your inspection! On top of that, I am retiring from the Army and Matt gives a great military discount. He's been an absolute pleasure to work with on these inspections. Thanks Matt!

My Husband and I recently relocated from the DC/Baltimore area as new Retirees. We don't know anyone except for our Real Estate Agent, Matt Curtis who referred us to Matt England for the home inspection. The property is brand new, during the inspection Matt found common items that we missed during our initial walk-thru. He is very professional and thorough with his inspections. If you are new to the area, I would highly suggest England Home Inspections for your future property/Home or investment. England Home Inspection also provides a Military discount for those of you serving/have served in the Armed Forces. Appreciate Your Service and Support Matt! Thank You.

I found Matt England by searching for home inspectors in the Huntsville, AL area and after several came up I picked the one with the best reviews and he also offered a military discount. Matt was at the home on time and ready to get started. He had a systematic approach to the inspection which insured no detail was left unnoticed. He did a through inspection and found some very significant issues. I think this must be one of the best inspectors in the business and is not afraid to call it as he see's it. I will definitely use him for all future inspection needs.

Matt England performed our home inspection on August 19th, a very hot Saturday in Madison, AL. Matt had came highly recommended by a co-worker and after reading all the excellent reviews online, we were more than confident that he would do a great job! Matt exceeded our expectations and we are extremely relieved that we chose him. He was very personable and informative during the inspection. He gave suggestions immediately and provided a very detailed report of his findings by that evening, via email. After the initial inspection, Matt ended up coming back out four times (FREE OF CHARGE) to follow up with the things we had repaired! To top things off, Matt gave us a $50 discount because my husband was military. I could go on and on about how pleased we are with our decision to use Matt England Home Inspections! We are first time home buyers and are so grateful for all of his knowledge and help! Thanks again Matt!

Matt England is awesome! He makes the home inspection enjoyable and really helps teach you things about the house your buying. He is professional and very easy to talk to! I would highly recommend him for home inspections because of his knowledge in homes and also just the joy to be around! Thanks Matt!

I recently had a home inspection by Matt England. He was personable, professional and very informative. We were looking to buy a home built in 1968, ( they were built better back then )..There are a few problems of course, but Matt took the time to go over every minor issue and sent us a very professional report. I HIGHLY recommend "England" Home inspections to anyone looking to buy a home.

Called Mr. England out to inspect our 1 year old home prior to warranty expiration. Read all the positives here. All are true. Very personable and extremely honest. Was very clear what he could and could not do. Mid way decided we needed a more specific expert, and only asked for a minimum fee. Recommended the best expert and even provided the contact information. We have had 3 inspections on different houses, and had a 4th on a house we sold. Only one was close to equal of Mr. England. We couldn't recommend him more.

I chose Matt to do my home inspection because of the good reviews I had seen here. Everything you read here is true. Matt is a great guy, very personable, easy to talk to, and flexible. There was some confusion on my part regarding payment for services which was no problem at all for Matt and the situation was taken care of shortly thereafter. Matt was very thorough and took pictures of anything that needed to be documented. All aspects of the home were inspected including, but not limited to, central heating and air operation and efficiency, roof, chimney, electrical, attic, foundation. Matt noted how efficient the air system seemed to be in the house as compared to typical units direct from the manufacturer and explained the test he was doing in depth to me. If you have children, Matt is also good with kids. The seller of the home had their 2 children at home and Matt showed them some of his tools and let them mess with them which showed me that he was completely comfortable doing inspections with small children present. Matt also offers a MILITARY DISCOUNT for those who have been to a war zone, which I had taken advantage of and found him to be more than happy to give it to me. All in all, he's a great inspector which will email you a detailed report, items needing attention in the home, and photographs of said items and also things in good repair. If you need an inspection, Matt's your guy.

We are in the process of purchasing a house over 40 years old so obviously there is much that can go wrong. Matt not only did an excellent job of inspecting the property, but was able to simplify complex issues, bring in the "right" experts that turned out we needed, and has basically held our hand through the process. Buying a home can be a scary and overwhelming so make certain you surround yourself with the best representation; whether it be your agent, closing attorney or home inspector, Matt fits that bill. We haven't finalized the purchase as of this writing, so if we have to move on to another property, Matt will remain on our team.

On the recommendation of our Realtor my husband and I used Matt England as our house inspector, and we are very glad we did! When Matt first began the exterior portion of the inspection, he stopped and showed us visible damage to our house's foundation. He offered to continue the inspection fully, or he would stop and allow us to contact a structural engineer to give the foundation a further examination. We stopped his inspection, and he did not charge us for 90 minutes of his services! After the foundation issues were resolved, he provided our full interior inspection with good service and a lot of knowledge. He was more than happy to answer our questions about the house and carefully show us what he found. Friendly and professional, we suggest Mr. England's services to anyone in the Huntsville area!

Matt England and England Home Inspection were superb!!! I researched 5 home inspectors over the phone before selecting – Matt and England Home Inspection. Matt took the time to talk to me about his process, what was covered and what was not. He also covered his “process,” written documents and final report. My house was a little outside of Huntsville and Matt was happy to do the drive to perform the inspection, others were not so accommodating. Also, Matt was extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous. During the inspection, Matt welcomed me to follow him around, ask questions and see first-hand the various things he was looking for and items that may need follow-up. Payment was easy and very reasonable compared to other inspectors. We were provided a formal written report with helpful advice and digital photos. The report covered everything I could think of and more. It was laid out section by section, function by function of the house, both inside and out, and was put in easy to understand terms we could both understand. Additionally, Matt offered to return if we needed his assistance with anything to be corrected and re-inspected or just for helpful advice. Matt England and England Home Inspection exceeded all my expectations – I could not have asked for or picked a better inspector – thanks Matt.

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